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Scoreboard Services for Every Sport

Scoreboard Enterprises Has The Decades of Experience Needed When Seconds are Critical

Scoreboard repair, parts, installation, service and maintenance for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, swimming ... you name it, of every make and model. We have seen virtually everything, and we can tell you quickly what would be involved in helping with your scoreboard. Plus, we're constantly busy consulting on the installation of new scoreboards, and we would love to talk about your project. Just contact us, and we'll respond like we're on the clock!

Scoreboard Repairs

Scoreboard Enterprises is a top national provider of scoreboard repairs, always understanding that responsiveness, urgency and precision are critical in the scoreboard business. It's the nature of what you need and when you need it.


We have technical support available to customers by phone at no cost, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM. If you are calling after hours please call our Mansfield, MA office, and you can opt to be connected to the on call technician.

Typically our turnaround time for on-site service is 2-72 hours, depending on the time of season and location. 

In short, we are the most successful in our industry because we are dedicated to service and love what we do.

Scoreboard Repair

Scoreboard Installation

Scoreboard Enterprises is distinguished as among the most experienced in the U.S. among scoreboard installation companies. We will install just about any type of scoreboard for any sport in any location, indoors and out. We even install digital signs and screens for municipal applications, such as public announcement displays. 

Let's just begin with a short discussion at no cost to understand the environment and needs, and we'll let you know the cost of putting together a detailed proposal of options for you. During the actual installation, you'll find that no other scoreboard companies will compare to our thoroughness of preparation and clean-up. We are truly service-oriented from the beginning of a relationship.

Scoreboard Installation

Scoreboard Replacement Parts

Scoreboard Enterprises can reliably be your first stop for scoreboard replacement parts. We stock and source the most comprehensive range of scoreboard components in the industry, for every sport. Shop online by clicking the button below or contact us directly.  

Scoreboard Parts

Scoreboard Maintenance
and Consulting

50 Years in the business makes Scoreboard Enterprises a go-to expert for scoreboard consulting, nationwide. We encounter questions about applications that range from jumbo-trons to small municipal park projects. The ease of virtual meetings today make it easy for us to at least begin the scope discussions and consulting with clients from anywhere. 

Ongoing maintenance is a smart choice for scoreboard customers, as a 'well-oiled' machine prevents urgent breakdowns.

Scoreboard Consulting
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