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About Scoreboard Enterprises, Inc, Mansfield, MA


Known for Quality Among Scoreboard Companies

Think about the reliability of scoreboards. Hundreds or thousands of passionate fans, family members and players glance at the scoreboard throughout a game, and it better be working . The quality of your scoreboard service should be equal or better than the quality of your scoreboard.


While shopping options, be sure to ask who the local service company is. What is their turnaround time on service? Do they physically show up, and can they guarantee the scoreboard is working for the next event? 

Scoreboard Enterprises, Inc. will meet your sport-scoring needs. If you have a question on pricing, service or installation, we will correspond via telephone, email or fax. We have technical support available at no cost , Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM, or by an on-call technician after hours.

Some organizations don't have the capital of some colleges and universities, so we can reduce their costs with free advice & basic installation drawings.


Typically, our service is 2-72 hours depending on the time of season. Scoreboard delivery is 4-8 weeks on average, or as little as 1-2 weeks.

Your Reliable Scoreboard Company for 50+ Years

Scoreboard Enterprises, Inc specializes in scoreboard sales, service and installation. We were founded on the local need in New England for scoreboard service and timing equipment, which are still the cornerstones of our business today.

All repairs to scoreboard control consoles, circuit drivers, and other scoreboard-related components are done in our shop in Mansfield, MA. With over 50 years of scoreboard repair experience, we are able to trouble shoot, repair and return equipment with limited down time.

As a dealer for Daktronics for more than 40 years, we have virtually every part for Daktronics scoreboards you could need, and we're able to repair most Daktronics components for any vintage. While many of the parts are not available for new purchase from Daktronics, we offer exchange scoreboard parts, including but not limited to scoreboard control consoles, circuit driver, and lamps. If you prefer to send your own equipment in for service/repair we are happy to repair and return.

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