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Scoreboard Enterprises
 Scoreboard Repair, Parts and Installation for All Sports

Scoreboard Repair, Parts, Service, Installation
and Consulting for All Sports & Sizes

It takes 50 years of scoreboard experience in repairs, installations, maintenance and parts to confidently call your self a "Single Source Solution for All Scoreboard Services", which we are. Scoreboard Enterprises has exactly that comprehensive scoreboard experience, based here in Massachusetts, and we love what we do.

Well-Schooled in New England Scoreboards

The majority of our experience is New England, so we cover the comprehensive range of scoreboard services for all sports of all sizes, from Ivy League to high school and municipal/parks. If you watch sports on television, you have seen our work.


About Scoreboard Enterprises

Trust Decades of Scoreboard Expertise
When Seconds are Critical

Scoreboard Repair, Parts, Maintenance and Installs

Stadium Lights

Scoreboard Enterprises Services

Scoreboard Installation

Scoreboard installation, for any sport, begins with extensive discussion of location, context (distance from fans, etc.), options within budget, and maintenance, before breaking ground or installing scaffolding. We ensure that your new scoreboard will meet or exceed all expectations for decades to come.


Scoreboard Parts

It's good to have spares of critical scoreboard components and parts on hand, and also fast access to delivered parts. Scoreboard Enterprises helps you with both ... planning and stocking the most common replacement parts for your scoreboard, and fast delivery of your online orders.


Scoreboard Repair

Scoreboard repair is nearly always an urgent, priority project, as failed components are typically discovered during a season, tournament or game, and days or minutes are critical. Our response time is fast, and we'll be sure that your most likely replacement parts are on-premises.

scoreboard repair

Scoreboard Consulting and Maintenance

Scoreboard Enterprises, with our 50 years of experience, is a reliable resource for consulting to research new scoreboard options. Likewise, our maintenance services help you to be confident that your scoreboard(s) will be dependably running season to season.

scoreboard maintenance
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